Loogart: Montreal visual design studio for illustration, brand identity and web design

Loogart is a Montreal-based visual design studio that specializes in illustration, brand identity, small-scale animation and web design.

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A collection of caricatures of pop-culture and iconic people created by Loogart.

Animated portrait of Nacho Libre by Loogart Animated portrait of Tyrion Lanister by Loogart Animated portrait of Elvis Presley by Loogart Animated portrait of Ronald McDonalds by Loogart Animated portrait of KFC's Colonel Sanders by Loogart Animated portrait of comedian Mr. Bean by Loogart Animated portrait of Hip Hop Rap artist Ice Cube by Loogart Animated portrait of Ironman by Loogart Portrait of a cute pug by Loogart Animated portrait of NHL's PK Subban by Loogart Animated portrait of pop singer Bruno Mars by Loogart Portrait of the Godfather of Rap Snoop Dogg by Loogart Portrait of Heath Ledger's Joker in Batman by Loogart Portrait of Harry Potter by Loogart portrait actress Whoopi Goldberg by Loogart Animated portrait of Spiderman by Loogart
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Client projects

A selection of awesome design projects for different clients. These projects include illustration, animation, app visual design, packaging, web graphics and print.

Web design projects

A selection of websites made with love, html and css by Loogart for several clients in different industries.

Website prototype of Le Burger Week Nutritionr's website prototype Timeringue's Website Global Affairs Digital Maturity Micro website prototype Nutritionr's app dashboard prototype Ask Travel Web app prototype Global Affairs Canada InnoLab website prototype Buildmetric's website prorotype 50 Shades of Beaudry retirement gift website Commecca website prototype Strategic Lawyers website GAC InnoLab Tools prototype Social web app prorotype wedding website by Loogart Save the Date website by Loogart Salon Teashop website prototype Dentastic website prototype social website prototype 2 Loogart Labs experiments


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