Montréal CityLine Illustrations

Illustration created to feature Montreal's popular landmarks and elements in the simplest way. Bold lines are married to circular anchors that hold the design together. Sixteen Montreal boroughs have been illustrated.

Other Locations and Special Editions

I have illustrated several other CityLines for different locations and I also created CityLines based on different locations or for special events.

The story behind the CityLine

In the Summer of 2013, one of my best friends commissioned me to create a piece of art for his new apartment. The subject of this piece: Montreal City. We agreed on specific landmarks and elements that pertain to the city.

This project sat on my desk for quite some time until I decided to try something in November 2013. Within minutes, I created the center of the piece and within several hours, the full illustration was complete: thick bold lines, a minimal color palette and circular hollow anchors with a Montreal vibe.

This piece was well received by my friends and fellow Montrealers. It was also an award-nominated design during the 2014 Concours L'Expo+ and caught the attention of Montreal media.

On the streets

Here is some photography of the artwork printed or used in different situations.